Fw: Thursday Practice Changes

Hi All,

I'm forwarding an email (below) from Gary Marmer regarding Thursday's practice. It looks like there will be NO off-ice training because of the BBA tournament games.

Thanks,  Liz

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Subject: Thursday Practice Changes

U12 Parents,
I do not think off-ice practice will be possible on Thursday because the BBA playoff games have been postponed to Thurs afternoon and early evening.  However, on-ice practice will begin at the usual time (7 PM).
So, the Thursday afternoon/evening rink schedule looks like this...
3:30  -  BBA Girls Playoff Game
5:15  -  BBA Boys Playoff Game
7:00 -  On-Ice Practice

Susan Marmer <SMarmer@rileyrink.com> wrote:
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Playdowns for today have been cancelled due to weather.
Games are rescheduled for tomorrow (Thurs, Feb 14) girls warmup at 3:00, puck drops at 3:30PM; boys game to follow (5:30 ish).
There will be practice this evening:  Boys 5:30-6:30pm  & Girls 7:00-8:15pm
Happy Valentines Day!  and Best of Luck!
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Subject: Postponments

Girls U-32 @ Burr & Burton moved to Thurs. Feb. 14 3:30
Boys Lyndon @ Burr & Burton moved to Thurs. Feb. 14 5:30
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